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 It worth to try. Earn from home.

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PostSubject: It worth to try. Earn from home.   Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:31 am

Reading this article can change your life! It changed my life. I found this preposal in one forum and decided to try. While participatig in different forums I found this article, which says that there is opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in few weeks investing only 6$. I thought it should be one more way to cheat some ‚dumb‘ people, but decided to read and to know „what a Sh...“ they tryig to propose me. Letter says that I need to send 1$ to every e-gold account from the list at the bottom. After that throw away first e-gold account and to the line nr.6 write my own e-gold account number. Then to put this article (with changed account nubers) to 200 forums and adds minimum. No cheatig. I thought that I do not loose anyting excet my 6$ and decided to take a chance. And guess what has happend??? In a few days my account started to accumulate money. I was shocked!!! But thought that it is end...But it wasn‘t. In about two weeks I had about 1000$, in three weeks – few thousands, in a month and a half – around 15000$. And still they are going. So my money still grow. And everything started from 6$. I had very difficult fiancial situation that time, when I read this article. And I didn‘t bedieve that it works before I started to get money from all over the world. Now I get everything I need. I became financialy independent... I want to share with you how it works, because it is useful for you and for me. I promise you that if you will follow instruction, and won‘t try to cheat, you will start to receive much more money then you expect without a lot of efforts.

Proposal: read this few times!!! Save it in your PC, follow instruction, and money won‘t keep you waiting. Agree- It‘s very simle!!! It is absolutely legal, it i sis only a bank operation and your investment of 6$ plus couple of hours in the internet. IMPORTANT: It is not fake and absolutely legal, you do not risk with anything, and it works!!! Please pay attention: Follow the instruction and 50000$ and more will be yours from 20 to 60 days. And all this works because participants are honest.There re THREE SIMPLE STEPS: Step 1. If you do not have an account in e-gold internet bank. ( . Go to “Create an account” , press “I AGREE?” and fill in the form. Remember your account NAME and PASSWORD. And ofcourse you ACCOUNT NUMBER. Step 2. that you could to transfer money you need to login ( t/login.html) to your account, at the top of the page press SEND. In the window PAY enter first account number from the list which down. AMOUNT – write 1, CHOOSE UNIT – choose 1 USA‘ Dollars, and in MEMO window write „Please add my account number to the list‘‘. This operation repeat with every single account of the list. When you did all this you did a favour, and most impotant – it is legal. You as well ask legal favour, for which you pay. Transfer money to these accounts: 1. 2928337. 2. 3308977. 3. 3685287. 4. 4229617. 5. 4173306 6. 5317846.Now delete first number from the list, and in the position nr.6 write your e-gold account number. You can do any changes in this article but keep the main idea. Convey this article in minimum 200 forums or news groups, or by personal email. Remember – the more people will find out about this article, the more money you will earn. You earning depends diretly on you. This business is working because participants are very honest and seriouse. So when your account will reach first line you will have thousands of $ simply as a creator of the list! It cost only 6$ and few hours of not hard work. Start now! Do not leave for tomorrow. Time is money. Now I will explain why you do not loose anything. Simple arythmetics. Let‘s say from 200 articls I will get 5 answers (not vey good), it means I have earned 5$ with my account umber o the possition Nr.6. Now these 5 people convey article to 200 forums more with my account number in the position 5. And they get answer from 5 people more. It means already 25$ to my account. From these 25 people who as well follow the instruction and gets 5 answers I earn 125$. From next 125 people who again follows istruction and receives answer from 5 more I earn 625$ (my account number now is in the position 3). From 625 people who again follows instruction and receive answer from 5 others I earn – 3125$. And the same procedure with 3125 people and my account number in the position 1 I earn – 15625$. Isn‘t it great? And investing only 6$. And when you are not in the lit anymore, you start proccess one more time putting yourself in the position 6. Can you imagine how many people everyday uses internet, and read this article as you are doing that now? But think not only about your country. Possibilities are all over (Russia, USA, Canada.... ). How to spred informatikon in the interent? 1. Open search servers (,,,,,, etc.). 2.Write key word „forum“, „advertisement“, „News group“, etc. 3. Search will find thousands of places where you can post your article. How to put and to take money from internet? 1. To put 6$ into e-gold account you need to find website of Webmoney Transfer in our country (use Google to find an address). There should be a link to transfering your money to e-gold account. You‘ll be needed to fill in the form with data of your e-gold account number, e-mail. Then you‘ll receive email with account to which you‘ll transfer money, and they automatically will be added to your e-gold account. They say that it might take up to 3 days, but usually it takes few hours. NOTE: put a little bit more money, because they take some % for transfering money. 2. To take money from e-gold you do opposite operation. Money will be transfered to any bank you want. Good luck in spending your earned money!!!! Finally my dreams came true and I can do some charity as well
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It worth to try. Earn from home.
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