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 Project Manager, Housing for All, Ashoka - HIGHER SALARY

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PostSubject: Project Manager, Housing for All, Ashoka - HIGHER SALARY   Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:43 am

Housing for All

Terms of Reference

Project Manager

Compensation: 12,000 L.E. plus bonus


Housing for All's mission is to revolutionize the
housing industry in Egypt's urban and peri-urban slum areas, by mobilizing
existing actors from various sectors of society to contribute their efforts and
relevant expertise to solve the challenge of affordable,
environmentally-sustainable housing in low-income communities, while
concurrently addressing widespread unemployment among youth.

HFA will involve 5 main actors: microfinance
institutions, private sector, universities, communities and youth; which will
work to upgrade and improve existing informal housing in four squatter areas
located in Cairo, Minya, Beni Suef and Southern Sinai. By creating a scenario where the
interests of each group are met, and where each group's expertise is leveraged
for the benefit of program objectives, the HFA model presents potential for
replication throughout Egypt, the Arab region and beyond..

Position Title: Project Manager (Position open to Egyptian
nationals only

Employment: Full


The Project Manager will report to the Ashoka Arab
World Regional Director and Focal Point for HFA, and be responsible for the
day-to-day operation of the project, fundraising for and implementing the
expansion of the project into new geographic areas, and developing new
partnerships. Responsibilities will include the following elements: managing
the project coordinators, supervising activities, training staff of NGOs on the
new model, engaging new private sector partners, investors and microfinance

A. Development (months 1-12)

  • Mobilizing significant
    investment for low-income housing from for-profit and non-profit investors
    through fundraising

    • Write proposals,
      partnership frameworks and budgets

      to secure further funding or strategic support in order to sustain and
      expand Housing for All
    • Develop and expand existing relations and
      partnerships with main funders, informing them of progress made so far
      and exploring new avenues for investment

  • Starting up services
    of Housing for All Centers operating in existing MFO’s, which will be
    sustainable right from the start.

    • Initiate Microloans
      at MFO's as soon as program there is in place

  • Selecting, engaging,
    negotiating and signing legal agreements with key partners at both
    national and grassroots level

    • Signing partnerships
      with appropriate universities
    • Signing partnerships
      with appropriate private sector partners (consultants, banks,
      construction companies, building material companies)

  • Developing and
    refining capacity-building services

    • Hiring and training
      other project staff

i. Consultants (Senior Engineer, Senior Accountant and
Legal Advisor)

ii. Staff HFA centers (Credit Manager, Executive
Secretary, Training Manager, Accountant)

  • The Project Manager
    will concentrate its efforts on the start-up phase, addressing structural
    issues with government and mobilizing the resources required to rapidly

B. HFA Project Management (12-30)

  • Finalize
    procedures/formats for MFI loans at remaining MFO's
  • Implement and
    systematize sales of construction materials distributed by private sector
    partners in Bottom of Pyramid packaging
  • Oversee and provide
    in-kind training by the HFA team for recipients of HFA loans to ensure
    correct usage
  • Monitor further
    project implementation
  • Support the review and
    improvement of existing trainers and materials.
  • Monitor the outcome of
    HFA home improvements against granted credit for community members
  • Work on scaling up HFA
    centers by engaging more funding from investors and building materials at
    a reduced cost from private sector partners to expand the number of
    microcredit loans and including other MFIs

C. HFA Project Management (After 5 Years)

1. Oversee selling
of shares as Housing For All Centers will change into Housing Cooperatives

Shares will be sold;

51% available to hosting Micro Finance Organization

14% available to the Private Sector

35% available to Community Members

2. Implement training-program in advocacy and legal
rights with all partner MFIs, enabling community members that are shareholders
of Housing Cooperatives to organize and lobby for land rights, advocating for
the appropriate policy changes.


Position open to Egyptian nationals only


B.A. in a relevant field, preferably in Social
Sciences, Business, Economics, or Political Science

Experience & Skills

Minimum 5 years of
experience in project management

Minimum 5 years of
experience in microfinance

Prior experience working
with Egyptian government

Familiarity with the NGO
sector in Egypt

understanding of Microfinance

Proficiency in Microsoft
applications including Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.

Applicant must have
strong initiative, independence, creativity, and sound judgment. They must be
service-oriented and flexible, with excellent communication and organizational

Knowledge of key
concerns and challenges facing Egyptian housing sector and slum inhabitants

Knowledge of low-cost
building techniques (Preferred)


Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English

Application Instructions

Please send a C.V., Cover Letter, and brief writing
sample to:

Rebecca Chiao

Development Officer, Ashoka Arab World
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PostSubject: SystemAnalyst-Designer+Technical SupportEngineer+Implement   Mon May 03, 2010 3:01 am

T (+202)33041190-(+2010)6538871 @ “”

Hend Ahmed Abdel-Gawad

Personal Information

n Marital status: Married
n Nationality: Egyptian
n Place of Birth: Libya
n Date of Birth: 21/6/1981
n Gender : Female


GUIDE For IT (1 Year ) CAIRO

Junior Project Coordinator

n Performing System Analysis , Design & developing for IT Projects regarding ERP systems.

Junior Application Developer

n The main role of this job is to get an application design and then transforming it to a working application. This job is located on the middle of the application development cycle after designers and before testers.

ASSET Technology Group (1 Year) CAIRO

Technical Support Engineer

n Performing TroubleShooting , maintenance and customer support for ASSET software programs

Delta Software (1 Year ) CAIRO

Junior Software Engineer

n Crystal report , Visual Basic , C# , Delphi Training

n Applying the CMMI Project implementation process and phases concerning Analysis(SRS) and Design(SDD) on POS (Point Of Sale) project for RadioShack Shows

n Applying CMMI Measurment process on the projects and the organization

n Developing POS project using Delphi6 tool

n Developing 6 October project using Delphi6 tool

n 6 October Reports using Crystal report7

n Modification in Delta Financials forms and reports using Delphi6 tool

n Give Training on Delphi IDE and how to deal with BDE components

2006 (2 months)

n English training related to B.B.C (British Council)

n Java Programming in Inform_IBM Authorized Training Center

Sakhr Software Company (3 Years ) CAIRO

Senior Technical Support Engineer

n Performing TroubleShooting , maintance,demo,training ,development using Sakhr SDK (DEMO samples),administration on oracle , SQL as :

1) Integration Projects with archiving system and the OCR using VB6 and DOT Net windows application as:

a. Binding archiving system records with other databases

b. Searching inside archiving system or other databases bind with the archiving system using ADOX SDK

c. Set and get index field values using ADOX SDK

d. Integration between OCR and ADOX systems as entering batch of images to be OCRed for a certain frame and to be archived in the archiving system and to be indexed by entering index field values per image and viewing the image in an Image viewer control using both OCR SDK and ADOX SDK

e. Transfer data from other database to the archiving as index field values

f. Creating cabinet, folder, document , image , delete cabinet, folder, document, image , silent login , interactive login , login to archiving system to a specific object according to a specific event such as supplying the tree path to which I need to create certain folder or document using ADOX SDK

g. Scanning images to archiving system and so on

2) System Testing and reporting bugs in the Ardvark bug tracking system for the different products and projects (ArabDox archiving system, IDRISI search engine , OCR automatic reader system , Portal system including correspondence system and workflow designer)

3) Designing and implementing workflow system including user steps , agents such as database and email agents as:

a. Absence Request system

b. Travel Request system

c. Purchase request system

d. Issue Tracking system

e. Complaint receipt system

f. Correspondence system

g. Other systems for test

4) Good knowledge on Ultimus workflow system

5) Make different font libraries in the OCR system

6) Installing and troubleshooting Oracle database and Oracle RAC + VMWare Cluster with different versions of oracle till 11G

7) Installing Linux OS

Cool Installing and troubleshooting CITRIX clients

9) Transforming data from different databases to oracle and vise versa

10) Converting SQL scripts to PLSQL scripts and vise versa

11) Writing XML including query tag using SQL or PLSQL

12) Make presentation for different products for DEMO

13) Back and restore , importing and exporting database either SQL or Oracle

14) Support customers by emails inside and outside Egypt and may connect remotely for the aboard customers

15) Training internal employees or external customers inside and outside Egypt

16) Customer visits for installing , troubleshooting , upgrading and follow up

17) Reporting every problem and its solution for future reference

18) If any issue obstructed me immediately search on internet

Quality Horizons Company (2009- Present ) CAIRO

System Analyst and Designer Engineer

Branch Manager following up all tasks regarding Cairo Branch in the different departments

1. Archiving system initial plan including the following content:


1) Purpose

2) Scope

3) Acronyms and Abbreviations

4) Project Deliverables

5) Overview


1) Product Perspective

2) Product Functions

3) User Characteristics

4) Constraints

5) Assumptions and Dependencies


1) Evolution of the Plan


1) External Interfaces

2) Internal Interfaces

3) Roles and Responsibilities


1) Overview

2) Estimation Plan

3) Staffing Plan

4) Resource Acquisition Plan

5) Project Staff Training Plan

6) Cost Estimation

2. Archiving system analysis report (Features and Requirments document) including the following content :

1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose

1.2. Scope

1.3. Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

1.4. References

2. DMS

2.1. General View

2.2. Competitive products and its features

2.3. Unique features in the previous products

2.4. Comparison between previous products

2.5. File Management System

2.6. The proposed structure and technique of the archived document file system

2.7 The main features that must exists in our DMS

2.8. Workflow Management system Features

2.9. DMS Development Advantages

2.10. Obstacles and risks

2.11 Recommended development tools

2.12 DMS components

3. Archiving system(including document management system,record management system and workflow management system) design report including:1. Designing 60 tables to cover all the procedures and processes in the archiving system including the following in each table as shown below:

2. Business Rules including the following as shown below:

3. ERD(Entity Relationship Diagram) which describes the relations between tables using Microsoft Visio as shown below:

4. ERD summary as shown below :

5. Context Diagram, Level 1 Data Flow Diagram DFD(Data Flow Diagram) using Microsoft Visio as shown below :

6. Context Diagram, Level 2 Data Flow Diagram DFD(Data Flow Diagram) using Microsoft Visio as shown below :

7. DFD summary as shown below :

8. Use Case Model Specifications including the following content:
1. Actors and Use Cases Definitions

a) Actors Table

b) Use Cases Table

2. Actor / Use Case Metrics

3. Use Case Detailed Specifications

4. The Use Case Model using Microsoft Visio as shown below:

9. Glossary as shown below:

4. Manufacturing system analysis report (Features and Requirments document) including all technologies used with the following content :

1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose

1.2. Scope

1.3. Definitions and Abbreviations

1.4. References

2. Manufacturing System

2.1. General View

2.2. Competitive products

2.3. The main features that must exists in our Manufacturing System , below sample of main technologies used

2.4. Production Quality

2.5. Manufacturing System Development Advantages

2.6 Manufacturing System components including the features of the following:

1) Administration module which includes the administration of all the below modules

2) Client module which includes the following modules:

a. Forecasting Module

b. Planning Module

c. Purchasing Module

d. Production Module

e. Stock Control Module

f. Master Files Module

g. Shop Floor Control Module

h. Production Quality Module

i. Reports Module

5. Manufacturing system design report including 150 tables to cover the procedures and processes in the system


1-Working for multinational organization with an excellent cooperative team

2- IT Related Position in a Large Scale Firm

“Analysis, Design, Implementation , Tec. Support and Oracle DBA”

"CMMI Proccess"


1999 – 2003: Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, CAIRO

(Accumulative Grade : good (72.8 %) Project Grade : excellent , last year: very good )

Bsc. In Computer & Systems Engineering

Graduation Project: Parallel Processing System.

10. We built a parallel special processor (data flow machine -DFM) . The project succeeded to cover the story in a satisfactory manner.


Arabic : Mother Tongue

English :Spoken Very Good,

Written Excellent,

Understanding Excellent

Knowledge & Experience

§ Experience In Computers (PC’s) Hardware.

§ Good Experience in C & C++ Programming

§ Good Knowledge Of VHDL Programming

§ Very Good Knowledge Of Power Builder Programming

§ Good Knowledge Of HTML & java script

§ Very Good Experience in UML

§ Very Good Knowledge Of Crystal reports

§ Very Good Knowledge Of java

§ Very Good Knowledge in SQL7-2000 , Oracle8i,9i ,10G, Sybase12.0

§ Very Good Knowledge in

§ Very Good Knowledge in

§ Excellent Experience in VB6

§ Very Good Experience in CMMI analysis , design , measurment processes

§ Good Knowledge in

§ Very Good Experience in Delphi6

§ Operating Systems: Win95 / 98 / ME, Win NT, Win 2000,2003, Win Vista, Winows Server 2003, Windows XP: Excellent.

§ Operating Systems: Linux Redhat9.0 : Good

§ Excellent MS Office package.

§ Very Good Knowledge in Photoshop

§ Very Good Knowledge in Frontpage

§ Very Good Knowledge in Netscape composer

Personal Characteristics

§ Self dependent and have the ability to manage myself and manage others

§ Business Oriented and Leading Personality

§ Detailed Oriented

§ Precise And Reliable

§ Rapid Response In Recognizing New Working Environment

§ Good In Managing Effort

§ Teamwork Is Preferred

§ Working Under Pressure

§ Fast learning ability

§ Able to offer practical ideas to solve different problems

§ Financial Package Is A Push In Achieving Goals

§ Flexible to different strategies

§ Outdoors activities and Traveling Is Preferred


§ Oracle 10g OCA , Pass 97%

§ Oracle 10g OCP , Pass 96%

Expected salary

Net = L.E 9000

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Project Manager, Housing for All, Ashoka - HIGHER SALARY
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